Why Digital Poetry is Popular in the Classroom

It is feared that poetry will slip further away from our creative spirit as the years go by. Technology has brought a new venue of entertainment and services that keep us busy.

You can find any style of program or application to apply to your day. The newer generation has instant accesses to books online, movies and social media. They do not experience the scent of pages in the library or waiting the entire weekend to see if your crush will pass you a note. Summertime no longer denotes playing outside until the streetlights come on. We are living in the times of advanced and expedited technologies.

This does not mean that serenades are the old and forgotten tradition. Poetry has long been an expression of individual. Emotions, convictions and the splendor of our surroundings are the very essence of poems. In class, lined up desks would have their pencils and paper ready to try and create their own version of Shakespeare. The moral of the writing journey was to instill confidence in their creativity while preserving a literary art. Most schools have transitioned to a digital environment with most writing projects being performed on a computer. If we want to inspire students and children of all ages, this adaption needs to take place.

Digital Poetry in the Classroom

Allowing children and teens to have an outlet is imperative to keep balance. With a focus on digitalized themes, it is a smart step to collaborate the means of poetry with technology. They will enjoy learning of famous works and poets with the anticipation of designing their own expressive perception. It is the atmosphere of which they are accustomed to see things in a third dimensional sphere. Digital poetry is the perfect combination of the past and the present. Understanding the dynamics of literature and prose will help people to put their own thoughts in perspective. Not too long ago, it was common for students to cut pictures out of magazines to make a collage. That concept has modernized bringing glued on images to life. Digital poetry is reflective and promises their ideas can rise to the next level. They coincide their feelings with words and their imagination. It is different than the classic versions we remember, yet there is something to be said for the ingenious possibilities. Clever scenes and floating words collide to masterfully convey the precise poetry they have written. There is a distinct significance in poetry that allow us to express ourselves to the world.

Vivid Poetry

Observing the keen awareness of our youth resembles the social, political and personal climate they experience day to day. A vivid reflection is displayed in Digital poetry that would otherwise be lost in translation. Using medias to write poems will sharpen a students skill on various platforms, while keeping the meaning of poetry intact for the next generations to come.

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