What is Digital Performance

Digital Performance is another different type of poetic art that resides in its own grounds as with sound poetry. Although it is more outspoken than sound poetry. Sound poetry is on the ‘underground’ so to speak, and digital performance is more mainstream. Maybe digital performance is widely known because of the digital focused world we live in, in comparison to sound poetry which involves eccentric and somewhat weird sound effects.

Digital performance has many various categories but, in a nutshell, digital performance is a normal or generic theatre performance that is integrated with multimedia and computerized technologies. Whether the performance is on a stage the digital elements of the performance is what makes it a digital performance. For example, if the background of a performance incorporates a video playing the performance is constituted as a digital performance. The key role of the digital performance is on the computer technologies. The added digital multimedia is not just an extra accompanying he performance.

The populations of the 21st century is very digitized, yet they are still pulled towards art. This has created a never seen before relationship between technology and art. This relationship is utterly beautiful. The two aspects which people never thought would come together blend together and work like peanut butter and strawberry jam on freshly baked bread!

The internet is the greatest showcasing platform for digital performance. The Internet has witnessed many artists and producers using the internet deliberately for their theatrical performances. They stream they digital performances love so that everyone relaxing in the comfort of their home can experience their cinematic creation. The internet is no longer a place of cyber connections but as a satisfying place for relaxation.’ Using the internet allows these digital performers to reach a new audience and to showcase the beautiful world of digital performing. Producers of digital performances have skillfully used the developments of this age to achieve different visuals and impact their audiences in a unique manner.

Although the internet is a focal point, the computer is a ‘conductor of art’. The computer is the assistant that can convey the digital performance that is being streamed live and it is serves as an editor that can transform an ordinary theatrical performance into a digital performance. Upgrades in software have allowed for different genres of digital performance to emerge. The new trends and developments in computer technology mean that new effects and edits can be added to the digital performances. These new developments mean that the audience can be kept on the edge of their seat waiting for the next moment of the digitized production.

Any form of art depends on the audience. Whether it be a sculpture in an art gallery or a digital performance. Art is for the sole purpose of conveying that you desire to the outer audience.  The integration of multimedia within theatre surprises the audience while dealing with their technological and emotional needs. We know see the digital performance is the art form of now. The art form of the technological present and the art form of the future.

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