Video Poetry

Video poetry is poetry in the form of a motion video. It is also known as video poetry, poetronica, or Cin(E)-Poetry depending on the length of the poetic piece and the techniques used in its creation. A video poem is usually beautifully put together. It can involve different techniques such as montages or using icons that float across the screen in a cinematic manner. A video poem is a mixture of technology and poetry in its artistic form.

Poetry is an ancient art. In the past times where the societies elite took up the literate population poetry was frequently employed as a means of storytelling, genealogy and law.  As the nation became more learned the world witnessed the birth of a literary form of art. The artistic drive was deeply rooted as we can see that the earliest poem was written around 3000 BC in Mesopotamia on stone. Some were even inscribed in caves and told stories of the monarchy of that time. This was very common amount the Egyptians whose ancient style of writing encompassed symbols and signs being embedded on stone resulting in a 3D like imprint. This style of writing was called hieroglyph. The Egyptians were great poets and storytellers, and this is a globally known fact.

Imagine the poems the Egyptians created using hieroglyphs was a video poem created into a beautiful cinematic piece. How much more powerful and stirring would the poems be? Their ancient and captivating poems would take on a new life. Even though a slice of the element of imagination may be taken away by the cinematic factor of the poem, their imagination is equally stimulated in a unique manner.

Video poetry is great manner to revive the dying art of poetry. Poetry is looked upon as a monotonous activity by many people. It is viewed as a painstaking activity. The words do not come to life to the generation of LCD screens as it did to the generation of books and libraries. The art of video poetry gives poetry a new life. It engages the people of now in a beautiful art form that has been loved from times of old.

Our techno forward generation of people who read books on tablets and Kindles has led to the potential decline for the art of poetry. This decline in poetry is not a mere hypothesis but an actual happening. Studies have shown that since 1992, 17 percent of Americans had read a poetic at least once in the past year. Fast forward to over 20 years later and that number has sharply fallen to a meagre 6.7 percent. Imagine that an art form that was once part taken by people of every caliber, age and race is now less popular than knitting and crocheting. At over 12% of people surveyed had knitted in the past year. These vast developments in technology have correlated with the ‘death of poetry’. Notwithstanding new age poetry such as video poetry has the potential to bring back poetry in a modern manner.

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