The New Age of Theatre Performance

Little do people know that all the music we listen to today is poetry. Each song depicts its own unique story and meaning that is inextricably linked to the music video. The music video is essentially a theatrical performance. It is the new age of theatre performance. A new aesthetic has been in born thanks to social media outlets such as YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr. On those platforms we see how the love of poetry is still deeply embedded in the hearts of the nation, especially the young people.

Cinematic art is now a common thing for this generation. With high quality cameras being fitted into super slim iPhone no doubt can arise about the reemergence of poetry in video form in the 21st century. On Instagram we see black and white effects are used on videos, while slow motion effects are employed to add a heightened sense of nostalgia. Video editors will be utilized to add the poetic lyrics across the bottom of the video. Simple background music may be used while a voice over narrates or sings the lyrics in rhythm to the background music.

Stepping away from amateurs engaging in poetic art we can look at the professional music artists. Music artists are often overlooked as poets which is what they truly are. Even though they have the assistance of tools and technologies the poets of old were never exposed to it doesn’t rule out that they are poets. It is a known fact that many music artists do not curate their own lyrics. In that case we can say that they are merely a performer. But that leaves the question of who is writing the songs then? It is the poets on the background or the highly talented lyricists.

One renowned lyrical poet of now is Sia. She has written many songs for so many music performers and artists. She wrote the popular song for the 2014 FIFA world cup “We Are One (Ole Ola)” which was sung by Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte. Sia has also written for pop music’s Barbadian bad gal Rihanna. ‘Diamonds’ is the song that she writes for Rihanna that rose to popularity. When Sia wrote the song she actually thought it was her voice for a second as Rihanna had followed the demo to a tee.

Although Sia has written for many global artists, she has been a pioneer for the new age of theatre and poetic performance. Any of her own music videos are more so like captivating cine poetry films. Her video has raised the bar for video poetry. The lyrics of the song are completely contrasting to the video itself. The lyrics speaks of her swinging from a chandelier like a bird of the night, however glamorous and rebellious this may sound the video is filled with melancholy and pain. We clearly see the perfect exhibition of new age theatre performance in this video.

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