The Difference Between Movies and Digital Performance

What is a movie? Is a movie a billion-dollar industry that exploits actors and actresses or is it still an art held near and dear to the hearts of the nations? A movie is defined as motion picture that tells a story. In a sense a movie is less artistic than a digital performance. A movie is longer, and its meanings are quite upfront. A digital performance is more leaned towards being a video poem that incorporate computerized techniques.

A digital performance needs a lot of thinking to really understand the underlying issue the writer or poet aims to portray. On the other hand, the films of now do not need a lot of deciphering to uncover the hidden meanings of the film. However, one 21st century movie has surpassed the assumption and that movie is called Gone Girl.

Gone Girl is a movie based on book written by global bestseller by Gillian Flynn. In the story we are exposed to the entangled secrets at the heart of modern marriages. On his fifth wedding anniversary of the protagonist, Nick Dune, reports that his famous author wife has gone missing. The wife had however skillfully set everything up such that it appears that he murdered her. The film is structured like a poem in a sense. Twisting and confusing with random (but equally meaningful) scenes jutted in resulting in the audience conjuring a certain viewpoint, that is until another contradictory statement or scene comes up.

One other difference between movies and digital performance is that movies (apart from sci-fi films) still use similar cinematic technology as was used in the early twentieth century. For one instance cameras are still used to film (obvious fact). In the past film cameras where used. These cameras where bulky and a roll of magnetic tape had to be inserted for each new scene being filmed. The film making of the present day isn’t too far off. DSLR cameras are being used to capture every moment now instead of film cameras.

Rig equipment was used in the past to get aerial shots. The rig equipment would be like a metal frame with the ability to sway around at the control of a manual handler. Nowadays rigs are still often used even though drones have invaded the entire science- tech world. Drones are great as you can get some steady shots but their unreliability battery wise makes them less chosen by film makers.

When it comes to digital performance high tech systems are being used to create the ultimate digital theatrical experience. Some audiences of digital performances wear virtual reality glasses. The audience will wear the virtual reality glasses and watch the entire digital performance from there. The artist will have filmed and developed what they want to convey to the audience in advance so that audience can experience the artists view as if they are right in their minds. To amateurs there is not difference between a movie and a digital performance, but to the veteran art lovers the difference is extreme.

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