Poets Who Have Grown Famous Via the Internet

Poetry is an expressive art form that people have been enjoying for centuries. As the world changes and advances are being made so are the ways in which people discover new things. There are many poets who have quite an online following today, which may seem surprising to most people who may assume that poetry has become obsolete with the advent of technology and the internet. However, these writers are people who have actually gained attention and fame by using the new platform to showcase their poetic skill and works. The great global reach of the internet can indeed make people famous and lead to the discovery of young artists who are very talented. There are many noteworthy poets who have gained recognition online and whilst there is no way we could mention them all, we have listed a few of the best for you to check out and whet your appetite for this oft forgotten area of the arts.

Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur is one such poet. She is a young woman of only 22 who lives in Canada who has been writing poems and posting them online for others to enjoy. Her work became so popular on Tumblr in 2014 that her followers asked to buy a book of her poems and this encouraged her to write a book of poems which she self-published. The book entitled “Honey and Milk” sold about 17,000 copies, a truly great accomplishment for such a novice. This success has prompted work on a second book which will have 20 poems and she is widely expected to have even further success.

Warsan Shire

Another young woman who has become famous as a poet thanks to the internet, Warsan was born in Kenya but moved to London and it was there that she began writing. Her work featured on Tumblr where she quickly gained many followers and rose to fame. Her work is so well regarded that she has won many awards including the African Poetry Prize at Brunel University and the Young Poet Laureate for London. She has also been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and is surely someone who is destined to go far in this area of literature.


An anonymous poet known simply as “Atticus” has become very famous on Instagram lately. Nobody knows the true identity of this poet who is well-known for brief yet romantic pieces of poetry. He is often quoted by others on social media and he has recently published a collection of works.

Christopher Poindexter

Another notable poet is Christopher Poindexter whose poems talk about loneliness and love. Unlike many of the internet poets he enjoys composing at length and will develop a thought and narrative over many verses. Currently he resides in Florida in the United States and describes himself as a keen observer who likes to see both the light and dark in everything.

These poets have gained much attention and worldwide fame through posting their work on the internet on such sites as Instagram and Tumblr. These modern mediums have allowed them to gain exposure to a wide global audience that would have otherwise remained oblivious to their talent. For many artists, young and old, it is a wonderful way to be heard!

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