Getting in Tune with Sound Poetry

The sounds of Poetry are the soulful and symbolic entries of a writer’s perspective. It is meant to share and evoke a similar emotional response from the reader.

To spark thought and a deeper meaning into our surroundings is a profound way to touch the world around you. Poetry has been a part of the historical plot for centuries. As a way to communicate, journal or reflect… poetry is of an era’s past that still exists today. There have been many paths of poetry with an array of meaningful intentions.

In combination with Music, you gain the powerful impact to convey the message desired. Music is similar to poetry in its rhythmic qualities that speak to the audience. An aura or appeal surrounds the notes providing a moment within the music itself. Just as poetry has been defined throughout the times, Music has been a part of every culture we can think of. Beats, sounds and pitch have held more than a chart-topping hit. It is ceremonial, cultural and an integrated part of human history.

Poetic Sounds

Deep in tradition lies the instinct to convey our feelings through the use of words and music. As the generations moved forward and the world became a pillar of modernity, these same thought-provoking ideas and concepts also began to include political scenes and the stance of the artist. While Sound Poetry is relatively new, the ideology of it has been around for a millennium and more. Within the past few decades, a close example of sound Poetry lies in the Beatnik realm. Several Beat artists used physical words, yet some preferred sounds and glimpses of words to emphasize their points. Most often their message was introduced with a deep beat and music that accompanied the mood.

A few types of Beatnik styles emerged bringing a smooth transition in between two decades. This paved the way for the traditional terms of poetry to meet with a soulful sound. You may have seen in movies or at a corner café in your hometown, the rhythmic finger snapping bip and bap that accompanies a non-sequence of sentences. Making sounds in lieu of actual words also became a popular expression. From clicking to a swoosh made a statement with a backdrop from the bongos.

Sleek Sounds

Sound Poetry has an immersive hypnotic appeal. Unlike Beatnik, words are rarely used unless in the form of a prop or on a video. Artists and those who create an expressive poem within the senses, will often use the dynamics of video for a presentation. This allows video clips and editing capabilities lending a next level Sound arena to the platform. If you haven’t had a chance to be on the Sound Poetry beat, there is no time like the present. There are several groups and performers who have brought the genre a fresh poetic perspective, ultimately doing their best to keep the art alive.

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