Famous Digital Performer: Maurizio Bolognini

Maurizio Bolognini is an Italian born conceptual media artist. In simple terms he produced digital performances. Before he delved head first into digital performances he was active in his studies, having attend degrees in Urban Planning and Social Services from the University of Birmingham and the University of Venice. He moved towards the research of communication techniques years later including research of the Delphi Method and electronic democracy. The Delphi Method is a manner used to estimate the likelihood and outcome of future events. Electronic democracy is incorporating is also known as digital democracy. It incorporates 21st-century technology to promote democracy.

Towards the end of the 20th century Bolognini began making modifications using personal computers and monitors. He created complex programs within them to send and receive a stream of constantly evolving images. He hit a creative pot at one point and began to cover the screen of the monitors with a layer of opaque, see through silicon. This resulted in the images being created by the computer no longer being visible by the viewer. The beauty in doing this was that the electronic sounds produced by the computers as the images were still being processed where still audible. This forced the viewer to think about the complexity of the image being outputted by the computer. If the image incorporated many colors and elements such that the computer worked hard. This element stimulates human curiosity. using this technique, we see why Bolognini’s digital production is one accoladed by many.

Bolognini’s greatest work was the Programmed Machines production. This digital production was concentrated on combining the Programmed Machines with communication devices. We now see how his study and research of communication devices came into play in his art work.  In the production there were interactive installations connecting some machines to a mobile telephone network. This allowed a real-time Delphi-like interaction between the members of the public (remember he studied the Delphi Method too).

Maurizio Bolognini’s work has been considered extremely relevant to the world of digital production because it encouraged the public to think about the physical machines we use to execute digitized actions. It posed the question of is the world physical or a digital world controlled the physical.

For Bolognini, technology held a certain power that allowed him to have more more freedom for his imagination and creativity. It allowed him to convert the parallel universe he thought he could only imagine until he could manipulate computer programs. He once spoke saying that the developments of technology have allowed to break the barriers he once felt chained to as an artist. He values that technology has enabled him to convert the worlds distorted view between reality and the digital world. Bolognini will surely be held as a high esteemed digital artist and digital producer for years to come. He can be likened to a rock in a catapult. He hit the world with his artistic nature using technology and has highlighted that technology and art belong together.

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