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Category Archives: Poetry

Famous Digital Performer: Maurizio Bolognini

Maurizio Bolognini is an Italian born conceptual media artist. In simple terms he produced digital performances. Before he delved head first into digital performances he was active in his studies, having attend degrees in Urban Planning and Social Services from […]

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How Music and Poetry Relate

There is a strong, undeniable connection between music and poetry that has kept both of them alive for years. You may not see them at first but there are many aspects of each category that overlap. For one thing, both […]

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Famous Digital Performer: Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik was a late Korean – American video artist born in Seul in 1932. He frequently worked with media and electronics which resulted in him being known as the founder of video art. Paik grew in his birthplace […]

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The Difference Between Movies and Digital Performance

What is a movie? Is a movie a billion-dollar industry that exploits actors and actresses or is it still an art held near and dear to the hearts of the nations? A movie is defined as motion picture that tells […]

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What is Digital Performance

Digital Performance is another different type of poetic art that resides in its own grounds as with sound poetry. Although it is more outspoken than sound poetry. Sound poetry is on the ‘underground’ so to speak, and digital performance is […]

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Poets Who Have Grown Famous Via the Internet

Poetry is an expressive art form that people have been enjoying for centuries. As the world changes and advances are being made so are the ways in which people discover new things. There are many poets who have quite an […]

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The New Age of Theatre Performance

Little do people know that all the music we listen to today is poetry. Each song depicts its own unique story and meaning that is inextricably linked to the music video. The music video is essentially a theatrical performance. It […]

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Learning Digital Performance

As far as digital performance art goes, it is still a relatively new medium and attracts much attention, as new genres of art often do. But how do you get into this new form of art, and how do you […]

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Video Poetry

Video poetry is poetry in the form of a motion video. It is also known as video poetry, poetronica, or Cin(E)-Poetry depending on the length of the poetic piece and the techniques used in its creation. A video poem is […]

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Types of Sound Poetry

Sound poetry is type of poetry that resides within its own spectrum. Sound poetry is an artistic form (like poetry) but it is a performance. It isn’t like poetry wherein the reader can add drama to the lifeless words. Sound […]

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